What Would Famous TV Homes be Worth In the Real World?

06.04.2015 | Uncategorized

Ever wonder what it would cost to live next door to the Dunphys or the Bradys? We did the research to find out how much your favorite TV families’ homes are worth.

Week after week, Americans welcomed these famous TV moms into our homes. Whether you love them (Carol Brady) or can’t stand the sound of their voice (sorry, Roseanne), it’s always comforting to catch a glimpse inside their houses: sometimes inspirational, sometimes messy, but always entertaining.

In honor of Mother’s Day, Trulia looked at home prices where some of our favorite on-screen moms lived. From Carmela Soprano’s dramatic, Mediterranean-style villa in New Jersey to Tami Taylor’s decidedly more modest home in Austin, TX, the homes of these TV moms are as iconic as their families.

We dare you: just try to read this infographic without humming the theme song to every single show on the list.

How Much Would These Famous TV Moms’ Homes Cost in Real Life?