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In the 1920s, the area which now encompasses present-day Toluca Lake was a flourishing farmstead known as the Forman Toluca Ranch. It was famous for its lush crops of peaches, apples, and walnuts. The death of its owner in 1923 allowed a group of investors to buy the property with the vision of creating a residential neighborhood. While the initial venture failed, the neighborhood has long since developed into the tranquil community it is today.

The lake that gives the community its name was originally a natural spring-fed pond whose water came from the Valley’s water table, which was enhanced into a 6-acre water feature. It varies in width from 150 to 300 feet and in depth from 18 inches to 10 feet. The first house was built on the lakeshore, Valley Spring Lane, and later was the home to famed aviatrix Amelia Earhart.

Today, the lower level of the water table isn’t sufficient to maintain the lake, so water is supplied from wells at the lake’s edges. The entire lake bottom was also surfaced with four inches of asphalt to stop water seepage. The lake is owned by homesite owners surrounding its shores. To help maintain and keep it clean, the Toluca Lake Property Owners Association, a mutual nonprofit corporation, was organized in 1934 at the instigation of Park French, a resident of Toluca Lake.

A residence on Toluca Lake is undoubtedly one of the most tranquil and picturesque home sites in the entire greater Los Angeles area. Well stocked with fish for angling enthusiasts, the lake is also used for private recreational boating and swimming. While the major portion of the lake spans the rolling green lawns of private residences, about one-third of the southeastern shore forms a boundary of the Lakeside Golf Club. The lake is completely hidden from public view by the homes along the shore and the golf club. It is not accessible to the public.

The original boundaries of Toluca Lake were Cahuenga Boulevard, Clybourn Avenue, Camarillo Street, and the Los Angeles River. Old timers zealously stick to these boundaries, and in 1939, they were included in the incorporation papers of the Toluca Lake Civic Association. However, since then, other adjacent streets and areas have been included and are now associated with the Toluca Lake area. Because it spills over into Burbank from Los Angeles, different community and governmental agencies use different boundaries to determine which exact area they serve. Nevertheless, the community continues to attract those looking for urban amenities and natural beauty combined with the accessibility of a neighborhood located in the southeastern San Fernando Valley.

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Toluca Lake


Established celebrities, television/film industry professionals, long time residents + creatives.


Quiet hidden gem ─ a village tucked between four major studios.


Foodie hot zone + the post office is a social hub.


1920s compounds, Spanish colonials, English country-style


Proximity to Griffith Park & privacy.

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