We know finding your perfect home is not easy. Whether you are looking for a spacious home in a family-friendly neighborhood with good schools or a private hillside hideaway, Alan Taylor and his team will help you find the perfect fit. His vast network of agent connections and deep-rooted knowledge of the intricacies of every neighborhood will ensure you find just the home you are looking for.

Alan’s proven system for finding clients their dream homes is comprised of several key steps:

  • Pre-approval

    When the right property comes along, we want our clients to be poised to win. We’ll go further and dig deeper to make sure that when your offer is presented, the answer is yes. We have relationships with multiple experienced, flexible direct lenders to help you prevail in a competitive marketplace.

  • Search

    Finding a home online seems easy, but locating the right home can prove more difficult, especially in a tight market. We go the extra mile to find the right property for our clients by looking at past listing data, knocking on doors, writing letters, networking with other agents for pocket listings, and more. Once we know the type of home you’re looking for, we can help you find it.

  • Qualifying Property

    We believe in working smart. We’ll ensure potential properties have the floorplan and amenities you’re seeking and check with the listing agent on any disclosure information not available on public websites before we invite you to consider it. In short, we screen properties for the right fit to focus and streamline the process.

  • Offer Presentation

    Getting your offer accepted includes building trust with the listing agent and the seller. Solid communication and an expertly assembled offer package create a positive impression that paves the way for a smooth transaction and, ultimately, an acceptance.

  • Due Diligence

    Risk management is key to a successful home purchase. Our approved and vetted property inspectors are ready to assist you in your effort to learn everything you can about your prospective property before you lift contingencies. We won’t hesitate to advise our clients to walk away if the deal is not right.

  • Transaction Management

    A real estate transaction involves many moving parts and people, and confusion can be natural even when the contract is clear. Our obsessive attention to detail ensures that each aspect of the deal is handled properly and on time, so you don’t have to worry.

  • Concierge

    Even after closing, we believe it’s our responsibility to make sure you’re enjoying your new home to the fullest. Our list of interior designers, decorators, contractors, handymen, home warranty companies, and service providers are at your disposal to make your new home your own. We want you to be our client for life.



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