Alan Taylor has a passion for helping trustees, administrators, and executors sell property held in trust or through probate. These types of sales can be complicated. They are often more emotional and require a REALTOR® with a special understanding of how to manage the parties involved. 

With decades of experience behind him, Alan has developed the specialized skills and marketing expertise to help reduce liability, generate maximum interest, and produce higher-than-market-value selling prices. Through his work, Alan received the title of Executive Director for the Trust and Probate Division for his firm, a position where he provides lectures and training within his company.

He is driven by an appreciation for the differences these transactions encounter along the way. Alan goes above and beyond to ensure his clients receive the best possible return whether he sells a property 100% as-is or lightly renovates using his team of industry-trusted professionals. 

Alan’s clientele includes an array of lawyers, CPAs, and financial managers seeking exceptional service and results for their clients. Give Alan a call today and learn more.


What is Trust and Probate Real Estate?

Trust and probate real estate transactions involve the sale of property that is part of a deceased person’s estate or is held in a trust. These transactions are unique because they are governed by specific legal requirements and often overseen by probate courts. Choosing the right real estate agent for probate sales is crucial due to the complex nature of the probate process and the sensitive handling required to manage the deceased person’s assets effectively.


Understanding the Role of a Trust and Probate Real Estate Agent

A trust and probate real estate agent specializes in navigating the intricacies of the probate process and the legal framework of selling or buying probate properties. These agents work closely with probate attorneys, executors, and beneficiaries to ensure that the sale complies with all legal requirements while also aiming to achieve the best possible outcome for the estate. The role involves a deep understanding of probate court procedures and the ability to manage the sale of real estate property efficiently and empathetically.


The Alan Taylor Advantage: Choosing Us for Your Trust and Probate Real Estate Needs

Alan Taylor Real Estate brings unparalleled expertise and local market knowledge to the table, specializing in luxury homes across Encino, Calabasas, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Toluca Lake, Valley Village, Tarzana, and Woodland Hills. Our team’s deep understanding of the probate real estate process and our commitment to providing personalized service make us the ideal partner for managing the complexities of probate and trust properties. We ensure that every probate sale is handled with the professionalism and sensitivity it deserves, maximizing value for the estate and its beneficiaries.


Local Expertise: In-Depth Knowledge of Luxury Neighborhoods

Our team’s expertise extends beyond the probate process to include a comprehensive understanding of the luxury real estate market in our specialized neighborhoods. This local insight allows us to accurately evaluate probate properties, navigate the market dynamics, and position each property to attract the right buyers. Our knowledge of these communities ensures that we can provide tailored advice to estate executors and real estate investors looking to purchase probate real estate in these desirable areas.


Navigating Legal and Financial Aspects of Trust and Probate Sales

The legal and financial complexities of trust and probate sales demand expert navigation to ensure compliance with all statutory requirements and to safeguard the interests of the estate. Alan Taylor Real Estate works closely with probate attorneys and financial advisors to streamline the probate real estate process, from the initial filing in probate court to the final sale of the probate property. Our team’s proactive approach helps to minimize delays and reduce the stress on the estate’s representatives during this challenging time.


The Legal Process

In the complex and often emotionally charged realm of managing a deceased person’s estate, particularly concerning real estate transactions, the expertise of a probate attorney becomes indispensable. These legal professionals guide the property owner through the intricacies of legal process of the probate process, ensuring compliance with the law while honoring the deceased’s intentions.

From validating wills and appraising assets to facilitating the seamless transfer of property ownership, probate attorneys play a pivotal role in mitigating legal risks and ensuring clear title transfers in accordance with local and state regulations. Their involvement not only streamlines the legal proceedings but also provides peace of mind to those navigating the challenges of estate management and real estate transfers in the aftermath of a deceased person.


Marketing Strategies for Trust and Probate Properties

Selling a probate property requires a strategic approach to marketing that recognizes the unique aspects of these sales. Alan Taylor Real Estate employs targeted marketing techniques designed to reach potential buyers interested in luxury homes and probate properties. Our strategies ensure high visibility among the right audience, including real estate investors and buyers looking for properties in probate courts, maximizing the property’s market potential and achieving the best possible sale price.


Personalized Service and Support Throughout the Trust and Probate Process

At Alan Taylor Real Estate, we understand that managing a deceased person’s estate can be an emotionally taxing experience. Our team is committed to providing personalized support and guidance throughout the probate sales process, ensuring that property owners and executors feel informed and supported at every step. Our goal is to make the probate real estate process as smooth and straightforward as possible, offering a beacon of professionalism and empathy during a difficult time.


The Role of Professional Networking in Trust and Probate Real Estate

Our success in handling probate sales is also due to our extensive network of professionals, including probate attorneys, accountants, and real estate experts. This collaborative approach ensures a seamless transaction process, as we can quickly address any legal, tax, or real estate questions that arise. By leveraging our professional relationships, we can expedite the probate process and enhance the overall experience for our clients.


Preparing Trust and Probate Properties for Sale: Tips and Best Practices

Preparing a probate property for sale is a critical step in the process. Alan Taylor Real Estate advises on best practices for presenting the property in its best light, from staging to necessary repairs. Our expertise in the luxury market allows us to recommend specific enhancements that can significantly increase a property’s appeal and value. Whether it’s a life estate deed or a direct inheritance, we ensure that each real estate property is positioned to attract serious buyers and secure the best possible outcome.


Your Trusted Partner in Trust and Probate Real Estate

Navigating the probate real estate process requires a partner you can trust to manage every detail with expertise and care. Alan Taylor Real Estate is dedicated to serving as your expert guide through the complexities of probate courts, legal processes, and the real estate market. We invite property owners, executors, and real estate investors to contact us for a consultation on how we can assist with your probate real estate needs, ensuring a professional and compassionate approach to selling or buying a deceased person’s assets.



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Our Process

  • Preparation

    From personal property removal and a good cleaning to a light renovation, Alan and his team have extensive experience and the resources to help you prepare your home for market. Our list of approved and vetted service providers includes contractors, handymen, designers, stagers, organizers, movers and estate salespeople. We have you covered.

  • Pricing

    Our in-depth market knowledge and know-how will assist you in choosing the perfect listing price resulting in a competitive buying environment, little or no contingencies and an above market sales price in the shortest amount of time. We’ll help you move to the finish line faster.

  • Marketing

    Using a dynamic combination of quality photography, custom video, coming soon and traditional marketing, we know how to aggressively promote your property to the widest possible audience of buyers and agents at just the right time to ensure the maximum amount of offers from the market at the same time. Competition is key.

  • Control

    On your behalf, we’ll execute our specific marketing and selling system to meet your needs. And our constant education and communication to interested parties and agents will ensure more offers written in line with the expressed desires of the client. We are in complete control.

  • Compassion

    Whether it be navigating a complex legal situation or just selling a loved one’s home, we understand what our clients are going through. Our no-nonsense expert approach is designed to make your life as easy as possible during your time of need. We’ll help you stay on track.

Selling a Mellenthin is more than just selling a home - it’s selling a piece of history. To find out more about listing your Mellenthin home with Alan, connect with us today.

16434 Marbro Drive
3527 Stonehill Place
3242 Berry Drive
18706 Edleen Drive


I knew that when it came time to sell my childhood home in Beverly Hills, I wanted Alan to handle the listing. He is honest, trustworthy, a pleasure to work with, extremely knowledgeable and puts his clients first. His team is responsive and above all, always professional.

Adrienne B. – Trustee

Alan has sold many properties held by Trust fiduciaries that I have represented and in each instance has performed in an exemplary fashion. I do not hesitate to recommend the services he provides.

Ellis S. - Stern & Goldberg LLP

Alan handled the probate sale of my sister’s home in Calabasas and helped arrange for repairs and made the house look its very best without needless expenditure of funds. He was attentive, responsive, reasonable, thoughtful and objective throughout the showing and negotiation process. I have worked with many brokers in the past and Alan ranks at the top in service and professionalism.

Edward L. – Executor

If you are a successor trustee or an executor and need to sell a home, contact Alan Taylor today for a free property evaluation.