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01.23.2015 | Blog

Have plans this Sunday? Here are the open houses in Sherman Oaks Real Estate, Studio City Real Estate provided by Alan Taylor Real Estate. Out driving around in Sherman Oaks, Studio City or Encino and see something that is not open? Call Alan Taylor and we’ll get you the information you are looking for.

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Restrain yourself and stick to these rules of open house etiquette to ensure a pleasant house hunting experience:

Have a game plan. Alan Taylor Real Estate will research properties you want to see and schedule your day so you hit up open houses in one area, move on to the next area and so on.

Wear a comfortable but appropriate outfit. It’s not a fashion show so leave the Armani suit and Jimmy Choo’s at home. Keep it reasonable. Plus, you’re going to do a lot of walking through rooms and up and down stairs so wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Focus on the property. Alan Taylor Real Estate will hand out a property description sheet with information like square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and special features. Use it to take notes and check off things as you walk through the house.

Feel before you sit. Some homes for sale are empty and staged with fake furniture, such as airbeds and cardboard box couches. So make sure you check it’s real before plopping on the sofa.

Look in — not rummage through — closets, drawers and cupboards. Make sure there’s enough storage space in the home, but don’t go through someone else’s private belongings. Check the width and depth of the closets, kitchen and bathroom drawers, cupboards and cabinets. And while you’re at it, see if anything is broken or squeaks.

Hold the criticism til after you leave. Like you learned in kindergarten, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. Again, the seller still calls the place home, so don’t badmouth it during the tour. Who knows who may be listening — the seller, a neighbor, a friend? If you end up in a multiple offer situation where price and terms are similar, you don’t want the seller choosing the other buyer because he heard you criticizing his home.

Listen to other buyers. They may be your competition, but they may know something you don’t about the property or neighborhood, such as the barking dog next door. Listen to other guests’ reactions to the home and engage in polite conversation. You don’t have to divulge details of your own search, but you never know what someone else might say.

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