Sportsmen’s Lodge

01.28.2015 | Blog

On Thursday May 15, a concerned group of your neighbors on Alcove Avenue attended a meeting of the Neighborhood Council Land Use Committee (SCNC). Owner and developer Richard Weintraub sent a lobbyist from the the Afriat Consulting Group to present a rudimetary scheme for the proposed redevelopment of the Sportsmen’s Lodge Event Center located at the busy intersection of Ventura Boulevard and Coldwater Canyon Avenue.

This proposal for major redevelpment includes: Complete demolition of existing 61,000 square foot Event Center Construction of the following uses: 26,000 square feet for 5 separate restaurant spaces 35,000 square feet of shopping mall retail space 30,000 square foot Equinox gym This proposal increases existing floor area by over 50% AND reduces the availability of useful parking on the site. This proposal requires an exception to district height limits in order to create taller 2-story structures. This proposal will share all vehicle circulation, parking, trash collection, delivery & service with the existing hotel on an existing non-conforming site which functions poorly even for the present level of development.

Dear Neighbors, None of us want to be Debbie Downer and say no way to any development. A tasteful revamp of the property would be most welcome. What is being proposed is basically a shopping mall and is not something Studio City needs at Coldwater and Ventura. More retail chain stores adding to the financial hardship boulevard mom and pop businesses already feel along with more traffic, noise and less privacy. We understand Weintraub is in business to make as much money as possible but not at the expense of the quality of life in our neighborhood. There is a rumor he is trying to sell the property and with this expansion pre-approved he stands to profit greatly.

The Studio City Neighborhood Council has suggested we form a committee to work with the Weintraub group to come to an amicable resolution. Those of us that attended this meeting left feeling that we can make a difference by being involved. This letter serves to inform you of our initial progress and we solicit your thoughts on this important neighborhood project. You can read more about our concerns here. If you are interested in receiving updates or lending a hand please call and/or send us your email address. It’s really important when these meetings come up that we voice our interest and concern by attending. Please add your voice to the discussion! Thank You, Your Neighbors on Alcove Ave. Please contact us at: