Selling Your Home for More Money

01.22.2015 | Blog

As busy as you are and especially how costly it has become to stay on top of household maintenance what do you do when it is time to sell the house?   Especially in this market, buyers have become increasingly sensitive to items that are in disrepair when they shop for a home.   Picture it this way.   (In their mind) The buyer wants double the cost to fix something either because they don’t understand, are not resourceful enough and simply want some sort of premium for having to do the work or sweat equity.   Or, the buyer simply walks away.   I have seen this countless times as a Realtor and when a smart seller with a little bit of capital gives us the go ahead, we can make a huge difference.On this Sherman Oaks home, I met the seller (great guy) who clearly got it.   In its rough condition, his home compared to others was worth about $500,000 (2+1, 1044 sq. ft with a detached legal non-conforming structure that was used for storage).  It was a mess.  Comparing it to homes that were fixed up and much cleaner, we estimated it to be worth closer to $600,000 and figured that it needed about $35-40,000 worth of work to make it worth the $600,000.   Turns out we were right. Utilizing Lucy Development Company to do things like install brand new heating and air, new 200 amp electrical panel, new windows and doors, new landscaping, painting and trash removal,  made a huge difference.   Next, I called up Color me Sold to come in and finish the home off.

In less than one week on the market we were able to sell the home for $596,000 very close to its asking price and make the seller a healthy return on his invested money. If you would like to talk to us about your home whether it be fixing it up to sell, or just plain fixing it up, don’t hesitate to give us a call.