Richard Korzeniowski

01.26.2015 | Testimonials
“Thank you again for everything you did in helping me to get my house sold Fast! I was just thinking that we listed the house on August 1st and Escrow closed on September 8th – that’s pretty impressive, Alan!!

-Thank you for helping me to find a good contractor: Alan Reed from Lucy Development. I had interviewed quite a few contractors before Alan Reed and they were not easy to work with (understatement!0. It was such a pleasure to work with Alan reed – he was honest and easy to work with and he did a fantastic job on the house.

-Thank you for help me to find Chris and Ron for Color Me Sold staging. They were so great to work with. they did such a great job; from designing the whole layout to delivering the furniture in just a few days so we could have our open house in time.

– Thank you for bringing over such a great photographer. The pictures were amazing!

– Thank you for all of the hard work you did on the marketing: internet, Facebook, open houses, everything.

Obviously there are so many thing have to be done just right for a house to sell fast and for a good price. You did all of those things. It was just a fantastic job overall, and I was very happy with the results.

It was great working with you, Alan. You handled everything so well. I’m sure you will have many more. I certainly wish you all the best and much success in the future!

Thanks again for everything!!”