LA Lifestyle: Sherman Oaks Man Convinced Film Crew Gave Him PTSD

01.28.2015 | Blog

Living in Los Angeles, you can expect to have a film crew in your neighborhood at some point (maybe they’ve been and gone already). The crew might be quiet or they might use fake gunshots, but when they leave, the only thing most of us will remember is how we never figured out how to get food from the catering truck. As TMZ reports, this is not the case with one hypersensitive Sherman Oaks man who is suing 20th Century Fox, claiming that his neighborhood was “invaded” by movie folk whose fake car chases and noisy firearms gave him PTSD and left him haunted by nightmares of “film companies coming into [his] house at night, making lots of noise and refusing to leave.”As a result of the horrific film shoot, he now has a fear of loud sounds and a hearing disorder (which might mitigate the former?), and experiences panic attacks any time he sees or is approached by “an unknown person who looks like they might be part of a film crew.” Seeing as how people in film crews usually dress and look like nondescript human beings, this likely means that he has a panic attack any time he sees anyone and probably will have to move to a place where there are no people.