Goodbye Señor Freds, hello American Surf and Turf on Ventura Blvd

01.27.2015 | Blog

Señor Fred, the Mexican restaurant institution in the Valley, looks like it’s dead in the water. Calls to the restaurant have gone unreturned, and any email sent comes returned as an error.

This ABC notice shows that the 47 liquor license for the restaurant has been suspended, which is usually the first tell. And finally, the Open Table site for Señ seems to be offline for the first few days of the month, though it mysteriously does offer spots starting October 3. It doesn’t make sense because the eatery is supposed to be open daily.

Andre Guerrero, who’s no longer involved with the former chain, said two years ago that, “Senor Fred has gone downhill since I left. I never made a public announcement before because I did not want to disrupt their business by doing so even at the risk of hurting my reputation a little.” Valley denizens looking for Mexican dining will have to redirect to Casa Vega.

Mathew Kang