Avril Lavigne Picks Up Sherman Oaks Faux-Chateau

08.18.2015 | Blog

It appears that famously bratty pop-punk princess Avril Lavigne, now 30 years old, may have ended her self-imposed Parisian exile. According to both real estate yenta Yolanda Yakketyyak and veteran celebrity property snitch Lucy Spillerguts, it was Lavigne and her second husband, Chad Kroeger — goateed frontman for the incessantly scorned yet spectacularly successful Canadian rock band Nickelback — who, via an inscrutably named Vancouver, Canada-based corporate concern, shelled out $5.4 million for a rather matronly, family-sized faux-chateau in a leafy estate section of the L.A.’s increasingly affluent, proto-suburban community of Sherman Oaks…

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